Gerald Durrell

Mr Durrell was from British descent with a world of experience behind him. To our greatest delight he chose to put those experiences into writing leaving his mind and life open for our entertainment. His books contain a wide range of different topics; hysterically hilarious events with his rather peculiar family and all the different perils they tackled together mixed up with his intriguing passion for wild life and all the oddities he ever came across. All of his books are based on truths but a few of his individual stories tend to drift towards fiction. His stories are delightfully bizarre and hilariously entertaining with honest-to-God humor and unforgettable characters, a light read for a good laugh. Here follows a few of my favorites:

  • The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium (The Maiden Voyage is a chapter in this book, my ultimate favorite)
  • Fillets of Plaices (Stick it through the first few chapters)
  • Marrying off Mother and Other Stories (fun read)

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