Basic Healthy Dayly Habits

Every morning when you stumble out of bed, drink a cup of luke warm water with some fresh lemon juice. It gives your metabolism a kick start for the day. Then you go about your business; showering, yoga, getting dressed or what ever you do in the mornings before work.

When your finished, sit down and have your breakfast while listening to some relaxing Oscar Peterson or Ludovico Einaudi. People tend to rush in the mornings, gobbling down their food while running for the door. This can cause indigestion which in turn slows down your metabolism drastically and causes discomfort. Not a good start for the day. Thus, take a seat and savor what you eat. Studies show that being conscious of what you put in your body by using all your senses (look at it, smell it, taste it, savor it) helps the body to act appropriately to what it receives.

A personal breakfast choice for me these days are pastries. It was something I picked up while in Italy. They sometimes eat the previous evenings dessert for breakfast which are usually apple pie or a cheese cake of some sorts. But traditionally a croissant or a nice pastry or Nutella on toast is a everyday breakfast. I settled for different kinds of interesting croissants, one each morning. This was a strange concept for me, coming from South Africa where bacon and eggs are traditionally considered a good breakfast. But it seems to work for me. The sugar gives me the boost I need for the day and the starch gets properly used and digested because I keep busy for the rest of the day, not giving it chance to lie in my stomach and get stored into fat. I snack on fruit or nuts before lunch to keep my metabolism going and then some nice veggies or a wrap is ideal for lunch.

Try and keep the portions of what ever you eat to the size of your stomach. Eat regularly though, every three hours is ideal to keep your metabolism working at its best.

Try and get at least 30 min of exercise a day. Jason Stathum is a 45 year old actor who is the biggest action hero of his time. He does all his own stunts and has a killer body without the help of any supplements. All he does is 40 min of exercise a day, but then he makes those minutes count. So don’t waste your time by feebly spinning in the gym like your on a country outing. Use your body for 30 min a day and use it to it full extent.

I love to find an empty studio somewhere, put my earphones in, pick up 1 kg weights in each hand and dance like I’m alone in my room. I kick my legs up in the air, jump high, dance from corner to corner, get get heart rate up until I find myself either laughing or crying. That’s the thing about dancing, it works whether you’re happy or sad, relaxed or angry. Its about putting emotions into motion. It’s great self therapy and after I exhaust myself, I switch my music to jazz, lie on the floor and stretch every single muscle in my body. At night I sleep like a baby and wake up bursting with energy.

Avoid eating dinner after 8 o’clock or shortly before sleeping. If the food does not get a chance to digest properly before sleep, your body will automatically put it in storage.


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