Powerful Native American Symbols

Human kind must first find their place within nature in order to live at peace. All creatures and plants are considered to be equal, each fitting into the system of life according to their individual characteristics and abilities. Animals and their totems represent a persons spirit guide, a helper in physical form.

The Eagle: the divine spirit and the protector of all things. When seen in the sky it was a sign of justice to be done. Strange how America has adopted the eagle, from the Native American belief, as a national symbol when they took the land from its people.

The Horse: Power, message carrier. Ability to communicate with other realms.

The Wolf: the spirit, ultimate sign of loyalty because wolves mate for life. They have a strong sense of family.

The Buffalo: gratitude, they are considered a great gift. They provide the natives with everything; cloths, shelter, food and tools. For them it is the ultimate sign of life. A manifestation of the Great Spirit, knowledge, generosity, abundance.

The Whale: ancient knowledge and awareness.

The Owl: insight and wisdom. The ability to see things clearly.

The Bear: strength and leadership, associated with their greatest warriors. Each clan would have selected two or more males as the bears in the tribe. They were the fittest and strongest and when battle came, they would be the first to charge the enemy with nothing but their bare hands.

The Deer: Compassion and healing.

The Puma: Grace and Beauty.

The Raccoon: Curiousity

The Snake: Rebirth/ Transformation

The Spider: success through hard work and perseverance. Weaving the web of fate.

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