Idan Raichel

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Idan is a singer-songwriter and musician from Israel. His music is truly inspiring and up lifting. His style has been classified as ‘pop-folk-world’ music but it so much more. He has a Middle Eastern vibe but also draws strongly from Latin American and African music.

He served in the Israel Defense Forces after which he became a counselor at a boarding school for immigrants. It held a majority of Ethiopian-Jews who the introduced to him to Ethiopian Folk. He then traveled with ‘Save A Child’s Heart’ to to Ethiopia.

The Idan Raichel Project is his first and best received album containing songs like Hinach Yafah(Thou Art Beautiful), Mi Maanakim(Out of the Depth), Bo ee(Come With Me) and Im Telech(If You Go).

His attraction to long hair, gypsy music and the tango is what drove him to study jazz piano at school. And there began the start of the Idan Raichel I have come to admire.


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